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我們受邀參加 Total Wine & More 舉辦的課程   Unpretentious Pairings: Wine & Snacks 品酒課。


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baguette 三明治、pretzel roll 三明治。

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Unpretentious Pairings: Wine & Snacks 品酒課的酒單與配酒零食,還有我的主觀又有偏見的葡萄酒評分如下:


1. Sparkling (Louis Bouillot Perle de Vigne Brut ★★★★★) + shortbread biscuit


2. Sauvignon Blanc (Grey Rock Sauvignon Blanc Reserve ★★★★☆) + gummy bears


New Zealand has long been best known for its Sauvignon Blanc, which dominates New Zealand's wine industry.


3. Riesling / Sweet Wine (Dr Heidemanns Riesling QbA, 2017 ★★★★☆) + spicy snacks


Riesling is Germany’s leading grape variety, known for its characteristic “transparency” in flavour and presentation of terroir, and its balance between fruit and mineral flavours.


4. Chardonnay (Buttercream "Frosting" Chardonnay Reserve ★★★☆☆) + popcorn


5. Rosé (Samuel Robert Rosé Willamette "Vintner's Reserve" – the color is fabulous ★★★☆☆) + sour cream and onion potato chips


6. Pinot Noir (Amici Pinot Noir Russian River Valley, 2016 ★★★☆☆) + BBQ potato chips


7. Zinfandel (Oak Ridge Zinfandel Lodi AV Reserve ★★☆☆☆) + jerky


8. Cabernet Sauvignon (Borne of Fire Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017 ★☆☆☆☆) + crunchy cheese snacks


Chile makes more cabernet sauvignon than America.


9. Merlot (Chateau Fonplegade St Emilion, 2016 ★★★★☆) + chocolate chips cookies

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