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Happy Valentine’s Day


Calamari Fritti

House Salad / Johnny’s Garlic Bread

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Linguine con Gamberi e Asparagi

Linguine with shrimp and asparagus in a saffron cream sauce

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Vitello alla Marsala

Medallions of Provimi Veal Tenderloin with mushrooms & Sicilian Marsala with angel hair pasta, olive oil, & garlic

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Lady finger cookies dipped in espresso and brandy layered with a Mascarpone mousse, cocoa powder, and shaved chocolate

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Pecan Ball

French vanilla ice cream rolled in pecans and covered with hot fudge

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Johnny’s Ristorante Italiano

4245 W 4th St Reno, NV 89523     

PHONE 775-747-4511

FAX 775-747-4522

Tuesday-Friday: 5-9:30pm

Saturday-Sunday: 5-9:30pm




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