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How to pair wine with cheese 如何搭配葡萄酒與起司呢?


我們受邀參加 Total Wine & More 舉辦的課程   Total Wine & Cheese: A Guide to Perfect Pairings 品酒課。

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現場提供多種   葡萄酒與起司

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許多配酒的零食:pretzel sticksbaguette、調味起司沾醬。

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綜合水果、優格沾醬、pretzel roll 三明治。

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還有不同口味的   wrap餅乾

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Ideal pairing combinations

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1. champagne & gruyèresimilarities


2. sauvignon blanc & chèvresimilarities


3. pinot grigio & asiagocontrasts & same place of origin (northern Italy)(Italian pinot grigio is generally light and crisp)


4. pinot noir & havarticontrasts


5. rioja & manchegosame place of origin (The bold flavors of the wine stand up to the body of the wine complements the creamy texture of the cheese)


6. zinfandel & cheddarsimilarities


7. cabernet sauvignon & goudacontrasts


8. sauternes / barsac & blue cheesecontrasts


other classic pairings to try

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