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難得的機會一次品味多種   Whisky & Rum


我們受邀參加 Total Wine & More 舉辦的課程   Created by Craftswomen Livestream Panel & TastingWhisky & Rum 品酒課。

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現場提供多種 Whisky 威士忌、Rye 裸麥威士忌、Bourbon 波本威士忌、Rum 蘭姆酒。

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Created by Craftswomen Livestream Panel & Tasting 品酒的酒單如下:

1. George Dickel No.12

Blended with older whiskies to achieve deep, assertive flavors with an incredibly smooth finish. Many consider No. 12 to be the best expression of Tennessee whisky.

Tasting notesrich, smoky oak, subtle vanilla, maple, butter


2. George Dickel Rye

The only rye whisky that’s finished in a chilled charcoal-mellowed style that maintains its spiciness and character while smoothing out the edges.

Tasting notesrich fruit, composed spiciness, smooth finish


3. Bulleit Barrel Strength

With the same high-rye mash bill Bulleit is known for, this bourbon has a higher proof from being bottled straight from the barrel – uncut and unfiltered.

Tasting notesgentle spice, smooth maple and oak, nutmeg and toffee


4. Bulleit 10 Year Old

This bourbon is aged an average of 10 years to allow the rich, smooth flavors time to develop into a new level of sweetness and complexity.

Tasting notestoasty oak and spice, vanilla and caramel, sweet dried fruit


5. Crown Royal XO

Signature Crown Royal blended whisky is finished in cognac casks for an extraordinarily complex and smooth expression.

Tasting noteshints of vanilla and spice, caramel and light oak, rich dry fruit


6. Crown Royal Regal Apple

The original Crown Royal blended whisky is infused with real Regal Gala applesfor a bright, smooth finish.

Tasting notesbright, crisp apple, hints of spice, caramel


7. Zacapa 23

A blended of rums aged between 6 and 23 years at 2,300 m above sea level for a smooth, complex flavor.

Tasting noteshoneyed butterscotch, spiced oak, raisined fruit


8. Zacapa XO

Rums aged between 6 and 25 years are blended and finished in French oak barrels that previously held cognac.

Tasting notesdark cherry, chocolate, sweet oak spices


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