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Ice cream sandwiches are the best of both worlds: every bite contains both chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream.


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The INSIDER Summary:

We tried ice cream sandwiches from three different brands to see which one tasted best.


The brands we sampled were Nestle, Fat Boy, and 365 Everyday Value.

Fat Boy was our least favorite because it was the most expensive, but also tasted the most artificial.


365 Everyday Value came in second, because while it's the best bargain and has the tastiest ice cream, we thought the cookie was particularly flavorless.


Nestle won because its cookie was the most chocolatey, and its ice cream was pretty good too.


Ice cream sandwiches are the best of both worlds: every bite contains both chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream.


Fat Boy

The first thing that struck us about the Fat Boy ice cream sandwich — besides the brand's interesting name choice — was its shape. Instead of the traditional rectangle, this sandwich was square and had more ice cream packed between the cookies. The box even advertises "25% more ice cream than competing ice cream sandwiches."


Unfortunately, though, quantity did not translate into quality in this case. The ice cream in this sandwich lacked a true vanilla flavor, and instead tasted a lot like whipped cream. Because we didn't particularly like the taste of the ice cream, the fact that there was more of it in the sandwich turned out to be a disadvantage.


Overall, we found Fat Boy to have an artificial taste, making it not worth the $7.49 for a box of six.



Our next contender was Nestle. This seemed to be the most traditional out of all the sandwiches we tried. It wasn't square-shaped like Fat Boy, and it wasn't organic like 365 Everyday Value. A box of  six cost a dollar less than Fat Boy ($6.49).


Although this sandwich clearly had less ice cream than a Fat Boy, it had a much more satisfying taste. We were most impressed by the cookie. It had a strong chocolate flavor and the texture of a soft graham cracker. The ice cream was good — nothing spectacular, but it had the right consistency.


365 Everyday Value

We tried 365 Everyday Value next (a brand sold by Whole Foods). This was the least expensive of the boxes we bought ($4.99 for a box of six), which was surprising considering the fact that these sandwiches are organic.


This sandwich had the best ice cream — the richest and most flavorful. But the cookie was relatively tasteless, which took away from the sandwich's overall taste.


The verdict

Fat Boy's ice cream sandwich was our least favorite. The ice cream was flavorless, there was too much of it, and, on the whole, the sandwich tasted artificial. Plus, Fat Boy was the most expensive of the three brands we sampled.


It was a close call between Nestle and 365 Everyday Value, but in the end, we chose Nestle as our winner. Nestle's cookies had the most chocolatey taste, and although the ice cream wasn't as good as 365's, we thought it was better than the the cookies in 365's sandwich.


If taste matters most to you, go for Nestle. But if you're looking for a bargain, 365 Everyday Value is your best bet; a box of 6 ice cream sandwiches for under $5 is a pretty good deal.



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