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“San Simeon is home to the famous elephant seals at the Piedras Blancas Rookery.”


太平洋海岸自駕遊 來到  San Simeon,來看看野生海象。

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“You can visit the seals any time of year; however, seals in the rookery are sparse during March, August, September and October.”

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“Winter is when female seals return to give birth, between mid-December and mid-February.” 每年的十二月中旬起到二月中旬,是雌海象孕育新生命的季節,可以看到許多海象寶寶。

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晚餐 @ Manta Rey Restaurant

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Manta Rey Restaurant 餐廳跟 Hearst Castle 赫斯特城堡合作,有個餐飲與城堡導覽的套裝 package

Packages Includes:

-Dinner for two at Manta Rey Restaurant

-A bottle of house wine

-Breakfast for two at sister restaurant Sunset Grill

-Two tickets to any of the three tours at Hearst Castle

-”Grand Rooms Tour”

-”Upstairs Suites Tour”

-”Cottages and Kitchens Tour”

-Two tickets to “Hearst Castle-Building the Dream”

movie at the Hearst Castle Theater



Manta Rey Restaurant

Address: 9240 Castillo Dr, San Simeon, CA 93452

Phone:(805) 924-1032


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